Why Are Some People Corrupt?

Would it not be convenient if corrupt people wore signs around their necks telling us they are corrupt?

As it is… quite often we are surprised to find out that certain people are dishonest, even grossly so, and our ignorance regarding them allows them to do us great harm.

May I suggest a seemingly simple tool with which we can better protect ourselves against corrupt, dishonest and even evil people?

The tool?  Well, there are actually two tools.  One tool is the simple fact that everyone who is a Democrat, Socialist, Marxist, Communist, or Liberal has a preference for the need to CONTROL, that is a psychological “NEED” shared by these people.  This “need” to control is due to a lack of Conscience within such people.  And a lack of Conscience indicates a low level of Consciousness, or a lack of Spiritual Evolution by the Souls of such people… or put another way, this “need” is due to a lack of Faith.

The second tool is whether or not a person has done things that indicate that person operates primarily for money [which means Greed].  For instance, Comey has received great sums of money from the Clinton Trust.  And, yet he was TRUSTED to investigate Hillary.  How foolish was it to allow him to do this?

Now Mueller has been placed in charge of investigating Trump, and who does Mueller hire to help him?  BIG MONEY investors in Democrats, especially Hillary. Do we see a pattern developing in all of this?  If not, shame on us.

Why are some people Corrupt?  Because they lack Conscience, which means their Souls are “godless”,  which is a natural way of being for those who serve or benefit from association with the Democrat party generally, and in particular with the Clinton’s.

Peace. Brother James



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