The youthful anarchist is an opportunist predator for the most part, acting out self-loathing by attempting to hurt others.  And this pseudo-violence [although there is nothing false or imagined about the pain when one is hit with a stick or club], the violence of the youthful ideologue is like a petulant  little child putting a tack on the seat of another child whom the self-loathing child identifies as weak, timid,and unlikely to get angry enough to hurt the perpetrator.

The negative actions of some young people will ALWAYS be motivated by a MIND that is untouched by human kindness, and thus unhindered by a Soul that has been nurtured by love.  Or, put another way… in a system of education that is controlled by Intelack type individuals, whose Intellectualism naturally shuts out emotional awareness in favor of ‘thinking” about a life that is more psychologically [which means taking place at invisible levels “Within” oneself],  frightening because the adults in one’s life never mention nor talk about what feelings, or the ‘unknown’ of life are… because they are simply ignorant of all that is not discernible by their brains.

Because developing the Virtues of Life in children [Conscience, Discretion, Knowledge, Acceptance and Empathetic Understanding], takes a great deal of time, energy, and Acceptance on the part of a parent [and then reinforced by teachers who are both Conscious regarding, and unafraid of their own emotions] — and today such parents and teachers are not taught how to obtain these qualities — children whose Souls  are not very Enlightened prior to their present birth… are likely to find themselves in homes and environments that do not consciously convey these Virtues to children.

Of course 40+ years of Marxism being taught by Intelack [godless] teachers only goes to exacerbate the problem!

As a result of this, we have emotionally immature young people whose lack of love at home, and in the educational environment, results in  their MINDs  assuming that they are unloved and unlovable.  Alas, this Delusional Self-view is entirely held at a  non-conscious level “Within” the MINDs of these young people.  So, there is no easy “fix” to this wide-spread problem… where Intellectualism [or denial of one’s own emotions] has taken over much of education and the political class of adults.

The repair of this situation is to “spank” those children whose MINDs are convinced that they are not loved.  To the Liberal, or Democrat, who intensely fears honest emotion or Truth, such a remedy is unthinkable.  So, if a community allows itself to be run by [actually CONTROLLED by] Intelack type people, the problem of anarchy will only increase.

The masked and spiteful  actions of self-loathing youth can only be reduced by adults who are not afraid of being called bullies by Democrats, Liberals, and Intelack type people who love chaos… which confirms their own negative and deeply repressed self-view, and their love of histrionics and fear of personal responsibility.

Unmask, spank, confine temporarily, and fine their parents for any and all damages these spiteful children cause.

If, America is serious about putting an end to this obscene childishness!

Peace, Brother James


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