The Plight of the Democrat is…

The plight of the Democrat is a lack of “C’etc”.  The question then becomes… what is C’etc?

C’etc [pronounced “C_etcetera”] is my symbol for the Virtues all Souls are slowly acquiring over many, many lifetimes.  My  labels for these Virtues are: Conscience, Discretion, Knowledge, Acceptance and Empathetic Understanding.

So, when I say “plight” there is nothing ‘personal’ in what I am writing, since none of us can do anything at all about how much [or how little],  C’etc [or Consciousness] one’s Soul  has acquired?  The only thing we can determine is whether one is Enlightened or not?  And this depends entirely on how much C’etc one’s Soul has acquired by “Completing Karma” over the number of lifetimes one has been in the form of a human being?

You see, there are two basic types of people on Earth.  One type is Enlightened [and of course this refers to a range of Enlightenment], and the other type is the Intelack, and Intelack refers to those Souls that are new, or relatively new to experiencing the form of a human being?

C’etc, or Consciousness is slowly acquired by we Souls as we COMPLETE KARMA. What does “Complete Karma” mean?  Well, normally a person reacts to negative events in life as though he/she was a victim of some accident, or some capricious act by another person?  But the Truth is… nothing happens to us in life that we do not deserve.  And what I just said is based on the premise of the Law of Karma… which is this: “As you sow, shall you reap.”

And, of course, the Law of Karma was designed by God, and it is the central Law for the whole of Creation, relative to all living things in Creation.  Every living thing in Creation has a Soul.  It is the Soul that gives life to every living thing in Creation.

In other words, a tree has a Soul.  A carrot has a Soul.  And every clump of grass has a Soul. If a thing is alive in the Creation, its aliveness  is due to the Soul “Within” that thing.  When a Soul separates from something, that thing dies.  But the Soul, and the MIND surrounding each Soul does not die.  But the Soul, with MIND attached, leaves the physical form and moves on to another life-form. And so, in Creation we have Reincarnation and we have Transmigration [which is the name for a Soul leaving the level of human being and being incarnated in a lower life form].

And yes, the last paragraph is a huge concept for many Westerners to accept, or comprehend.  But to deny Reality serves no useful purpose.

The plight of the Democrat then is that the MIND of the person who is drawn to the principles of the Democrat party… [big government, as much control over people and things as can be legislated,  a strong aversion to powerful people who are both honest and Truthful, and a tendency to overlook evil], is drawn to these characteristics  because the Soul of the Intelack type person lacks “Conscience“.

You see,  what determines whether or not a person is honest, Truthful, fair, and resists corruption and  evil… is not how bright a person is, but how much Conscience that person’s Soul has acquired? And the level of Conscience is a measure of how much Karma a person has Completed?

Many Democrat type people are quite bright, many even deviously clever, but a high IQ, or a fine education, or being very intellectual are indicators of an active and pliable brain… which is physical.  Neither the MIND nor the Soul of Man can be experienced by the brain of Man.  So, Intellectualism is no indicator of how much Conscience a person possesses?

If you are Conservative, and resist the idea of Socialization, and Marxism, then you are Enlightened.  If you believe that poverty is “evidence” that there is no God, then you are an Intelack… and only a great number of lifetimes will alter your condition.

Peace, Brother James

Why Are Some People Corrupt?

Would it not be convenient if corrupt people wore signs around their necks telling us they are corrupt?

As it is… quite often we are surprised to find out that certain people are dishonest, even grossly so, and our ignorance regarding them allows them to do us great harm.

May I suggest a seemingly simple tool with which we can better protect ourselves against corrupt, dishonest and even evil people?

The tool?  Well, there are actually two tools.  One tool is the simple fact that everyone who is a Democrat, Socialist, Marxist, Communist, or Liberal has a preference for the need to CONTROL, that is a psychological “NEED” shared by these people.  This “need” to control is due to a lack of Conscience within such people.  And a lack of Conscience indicates a low level of Consciousness, or a lack of Spiritual Evolution by the Souls of such people… or put another way, this “need” is due to a lack of Faith.

The second tool is whether or not a person has done things that indicate that person operates primarily for money [which means Greed].  For instance, Comey has received great sums of money from the Clinton Trust.  And, yet he was TRUSTED to investigate Hillary.  How foolish was it to allow him to do this?

Now Mueller has been placed in charge of investigating Trump, and who does Mueller hire to help him?  BIG MONEY investors in Democrats, especially Hillary. Do we see a pattern developing in all of this?  If not, shame on us.

Why are some people Corrupt?  Because they lack Conscience, which means their Souls are “godless”,  which is a natural way of being for those who serve or benefit from association with the Democrat party generally, and in particular with the Clinton’s.

Peace. Brother James


The Rarely Appreciated & Little Known Aspects of “Abstract Words”

The title of this blog is quite important, however… can the title convey that to which it is intended to refer? Sadly, I suspect it cannot, and yet… I am still compelled to try and convey that which is invisible to the brain and physical senses of Man.

The question then is this:  Why would I continue to do that which cannot be done?

And the answer is… one never knows when a person who is “READY” to awaken to some bit of Truth from Within him or herself, will “see” what I am pointing to… that my words cannot actually convey?  And if this makes sense to you, you  very well may be a person who is “ready” to “Intuitively” awaken to some new bits of Truth from Within yourself!

In the preceding paragraph, I used the terms “Within” and  “Intuitively“.  Both of these terms point to, and stand for phenomena that operate inside of Man, at levels which are invisible to the brain, hearing, sight,  or any other physical sense of Man.

In addition to the fact that three-fourths of Man consist of  invisible dimensions whose vibrations  are invisible to the brain and physical senses of Man, the phrase “bits of Truth” refers to KNOWLEDGE, which is stored inside each of us, or Within  what I refer to as the “Apapsyche” [which I define as the Operational Energy of the Soul].

My major point is that the whole of Man consists of a great deal more than what we [in the West] have been led to believe.  So, when you read the term “Soul,” do you “think” you know what that term means?  Most people do “think” they “know” what the term Soul means. But ask yourself… when is the last time you saw the Soul of a person?  How about the terms God, Truth, Unknown, Invisible, Astral Region, and so forth?  These terms are all ABSTRACT TERMS, and they exist to “stand for” those things that many believe exist, and yet, using our brains, and physical senses,  we cannot actually perceive these things. They are not tangible, nor physical.

So, can they be KNOWN or not?  The fact is, they can be KNOWN, but only by one’s faculty of Intuition, which can experience these things via Empathetic Understanding, which means by Intuitively awakening to these things as “bits of KNOWLEDGE”.  But when you Intuit something, that bit of Knowledge is just for you!

In other words, each of us [when we are Enlightened enough to do so] can Intuit a bit of Truth, which we have earned by Completing Karma over many lifetimes. Now, if you do not believe in the Law of Karma, or Reincarnation of the Soul, then what I have just written may be difficult for you to accept?

Alas, with the brain and thinking dominating much of the West, including our education, religions, and politicians… it is very difficult for people to be exposed to the Truth, or the Reality of Life.  But, hope springs eternal, and so, I keep posting my blogs.

Peace, Brother James


But first, as I promised… a quick synopsis of what “DM=SI” means?  “DM=SI,” or “Defense Mechanism = Subtle Insanity,” is my symbol for the primary defense mechanism of the MIND.  It [the MIND] uses the brain and Delusional Thinking as the essential means by which the MIND prevents a person from becoming aware of what the MIND holds hidden Within itself.

Briefly, the MIND feeds Delusional Thinking [or thoughts fed to the Left-Hemisphere of the brain which are intended to “lock” one’s attention into the brain and thinking] because in doing this, the MIND prevents one’s “Attention” [which I have labeled “Conscious Awareness”], or “C-Awar,”  from becoming aware or experiencing anything other than thinking, which takes place Within the physical dimension… thus, the DM=SI is the means by which ones MIND excludes the other three dimensions of oneself from C-Awar while the DM=SI is active.

For more on DM=SI, Here.

A sketch of the difference between the Intelack and the Enlightened individual.


Let me hasten to point out that the black rectangle represents MIND-level energy and is located where the brain is located ONLY to indicate that the MIND-level energy  dominates the thinking of the brain… until a Soul has acquired sufficient C’etc [Enlightenment or Consciousness] to push back against and resist the thoughts [&  desires] of the MIND.  Remember, the physical brain is physical, and is used by the MIND,  but has no other connection to the MIND.

Or put another way, one is subject to the thoughts and desires of ones MIND until ones Soul has acquired sufficient C’etc with which to resist and override the thoughts of the MIND.  And the only way for the Soul to acquire C’etc [Conscience, Discretion, Knowledge, Acceptance and Empathetic Understanding] which are my labels for the Virtues of Life… is for one to complete the Karmic Debts held Within ones MIND. And, again, this is the Purpose of Life, whether one is aware of this or not?

So, when we say that a person is Enlightened, we are saying that a person’s Soul has acquired a sufficient amount of C’etc [the Virtues of Life], to enable the Conscious Awareness of that person to resist what are most often the negative desires of the MIND.

Peace, Brother James

The Two Basic Types of People on this Earth Plane…

Blog # 2

In the first blog, I said that I would explain the Intelack type personality, which is one of the two types of people on Earth.   I will attempt to do this, and in this blog I would also like to explain the reason these blogs will include all the dimensions of the whole human being.  That is, the four simultaneously existing dimensions which make-up the Whole Human Being [or WHB]:

From inside out, these dimensions are the Spiritual Dimension, the Higher MIND Dimension, the Lower MIND Dimension, and the physical dimension.  All four of these constitute the interest, exploration and pervue of the Competent Psychotherapist [or Esochologist, if you prefer to use the label Esochologist, since the term Esochologist clearly differentiates it from the term Psychotherapist… which has been horribly misinterpreted over the last century]?  That is, to be a Competent Esochologist or proper Psychotherapist, a person must possess Experiential Knowledge regarding all four Dimensions of Man… since all four Dimensions are inextricably tied together in Man.

And most importantly, the competent Esochologist or Psychotherapist will have, via personal Psychotherapy, discovered, emotionally re-experienced and eliminated a great many deeply repressed misperceptions  taken-on at the time of birth.  This is the process that provides the experiential Knowledge of ones own MIND realm, and it is utterly indispensable to obtain the status of “competent” Esochologist or Psychotherapist.

The unfortunate result of not achieving this level of competence is that one will unintentionally exacerbate [make worse]  the deeply repressed fears held Within the MIND of each person one attempts to “treat”.

And this means a person capable of performing as an Esochologist will possess a Soul that has acquired a high level of Enlightenment [or the symbol C’etc ]. And with this brief explanation, we now have the labels of the two basic types of people on Earth:  The Intelack type person, and the Enlightened type person.

Those individuals who tend to support the following broad labels are Intelack type individuals: Democrat, Liberal, Socialist, Communist, Atheist, and the variations of these.  What makes certain people vulnerable to these philosophies, ways of government, or lifestyles is  that the Souls of such people lack sufficient C’etc [which refers to either the Virtues of Life, or Consciousness].  I often put in brackets the term ‘godless’ [godless] behind the term Intelack to indicate a lack of Spirituality in the Intelack type personality.  The entire concept that certain people [although seemingly quite normal otherwise] think and behave in ways detrimental to themselves and to mankind… simply  because they are lacking in Spiritual Evolution, is a very strange concept, no doubt. But the fact is… this is the Reality of life on Earth, at least in this Iron Age of Man!

Hence, we have the TWO TYPES of people on Earth, regardless what labels we give these people, based on their thoughts and behaviors, they nonetheless represent just TWO TYPES of people.  Those with Souls that have acquired C’etc, and Souls that have not acquired enough C’etc to be other than an Intelack type person.  In other words, the Democrat lacks C’etc, while the Republican has enough C’etc that he/she tends to favor the Republican belief that personal responsibility is not only possible, it is the only way mankind can reflect itself properly.  The  Democrat/Liberal lacks sufficient Conscience due to a lack of C’etc [which means the Energy of Spirituality], and this lack of C’etc in the Intelack means he/she is unknowingly vulnerable to his/her MIND and its ceaseless desires for the things of this Earth.

The Bible makes clear that we Souls can either focus on God, or on the things of this Earth?  This speaks to the practical point that we have one attention, and what it is focused upon is what we respond to?  Or put another way, this is our war between good and evil.  We either focus inside, upon God, or we focus outside on the world [in which case we make use of our brain and are vulnerable to our MINDs].

Quite literally, if you follow the dictates of BS&bp [modern mental health], what you do is to ignore and deny three of the four Dimensions of Man, in favor of the fourth, which is the physical Dimension ONLY.  And the last sentence takes us directly to the Intelack type personality.  The Soul of the Intelack type personality has not [as yet] completed enough Karma [the experience of life] to have acquired sufficient C’etc with which to resist the constant desires of the MIND, which are Greed, Envy, and selfishness, and hidden deep Within the Intelack personality is a MIND-level belief [which means unknown to oneself at a conscious level] that  who and what one is, at one’s Core, is a terrible monster.

This very negative self-view is, of course, held at a fully non-conscious level Within the MIND of the Intelack type individual.  But, although this intensely negative self-view is non-conscious to the Intelack, the fear of it impacts the Intelack from a “psychological’ perspective.  So, whether or not the Intelack is aware of his/her lack of C’etc [which they are not aware], their thoughts and actions are mostly motivated by a MIND that [unknown to the Intelack] dominates his/her thoughts and actions. And this last sentence speaks to the “DM=SI” of the MIND… which I will address in Blog #3.

Any person who has a diminished sense of God, or the Spirituality Within oneself, is a person whose MIND operates that persons thoughts and actions.  And I have labeled such a person an Intelack type personality.  Or a person who is vulnerable to, and quite often engaged in thoughts and behaviors that are harmful to mankind.

This is quite a lot to digest, is it not?  Quite different from what we are presently taught regarding the “psychology” of Man.

Peace, Brother James

When you see anger… what is the anger hiding?

Blog # 1

The answer is  “pain,” or fear of pain.  But to many, this answer  may not make a great deal of sense?  So, let me attempt an explanation.


The physical form is… physical, and thus easily perceived by the brain, which is also physical.  The Astral form is not physical, but is a subtle body operating within Man, and serves as the Lower MIND.  The Causal Form is the Higher MIND, and it kicks in when a Soul has acquired enough of the Virtues of Life that it is ready to begin to resist the desires of the MIND.  The Spiritual center in Man is located in a Mystical spot referred to as the Tisra Til, or Eye Center, and this Spiritual Energy [Soul] is not part of the Creation at all. And yet, it exists Within Man.  This fact is found in many places in the Bible.  The MIND is needed by the Soul so that the Soul can “experience” the Creation.  But over time, the MIND assumes control over the Soul [in the East this process is labeled the Law of Karma], and by actions, Karma is created, and this Karma is what confines we Souls to the Illusion of Life, which is the Physical Plane of existence.

Not everyone realizes how the MIND of Man works.  In fact, since the early 1900s, a great many professionals in the fields of mental health and “psychology” have not been taught about the MIND;  and over a great many years,  many crucial Esoteric elements regarding the whole of Man have almost been eliminated from both the field of mental health, and the field of “psychology”.   The reason for this will be strange to many readers… as we progress in this blog.

Let us begin with an observed fact of life… that virtually everyone is aware of, but then… hardly anyone knows why this observed fact exists?  That fact is this:  Some people identify themselves as Democrat, and other people identify themselves as Republican.  And a smaller number identify themselves as sitting on a fence and they identify themselves as Independent, or Libertarian?  What causes these groups or divisions of individuals  to self-identify as one of these three things?

Modern psychology, or what I label “BS&bp” [Behavioral Science and the oxymoron ‘behavioral psychology’], insists that what causes people to be different from one another are family, race, ethnic influence, education, IQ, income and where a person is located in America?  And to this explanation I say, wrong!  All of these factors apply to various people found  in all groups of people.  And a particular group of people clinging to this purely physical explanation for the differences in people is the reason Americans have not been able to properly answer the question:  WHAT causes a Democrat to be a Democrat, as opposed to what makes a Conservative  a Conservative or a Republican a Republican, a Socialist a Socialist, or a Marxist a Marxist?  And the reason many still do not  KNOW this “reason” is because this reason is found hidden Within unknown psychological factors operating with the MIND of each individual… factors that BS&bp has no interest in discovering!

Hard to believe?  Or, perhaps hard to comprehend?  The reason my statement above is difficult to comprehend is that “psychology” has omitted three-quarters of the whole of Man [the hidden Esoteric (invisible), dimensions of Man] for the last century.

Who enjoys watching a sports program when that person knows absolutely nothing about how the sport is played?  With precious little information regarding the Psychology of the whole human being being taught to mankind,  no wonder virtually no one is prepared to deal with  the Truth regarding the Whole of Man

The choice a person makes at any given moment is made based entirely upon the psychological disposition of the MIND that surrounds the Soul of a human being.  In other words, how one views life, and how one chooses what is best for oneself and mankind… is determined entirely Within that person’s MIND.  And this determination has nothing at all to do with that person’s brain.  In fact, what a certain class of people  “think” is  fed to the Left-Hemisphere of their brains as “Delusional Thinking,” or “D-Think”. I refer to such people as “Intelack” type individuals…. which we will discuss in my next blog.

Peace, Brother James