WHAT IS “RECIDIVISM,” and why is it so hard to eliminate?

Perhaps the strangest thing mankind attempts to do is to label phenomenon we observe by giving it some name… and then we forget that we don’t actually “know” what causes the symptoms of the phenomenon we see with our physical eyes!

This is basically a problem Man has distinguishing between the terms “know” and KNOW.  One can “know” something intellectually [which means “abstractly,” or theoretically], but not KNOW that something via Conscious Awareness, or “C-Awar” which is my symbol for Conscious Awareness.  And “C-Awar” refers to KNOWING the TRUTH of something?  And to KNOW the TRUTH of something is to possess full KNOWLEDGE  of something.  “Full Knowledge” of something ONLY occurs when a person possesses “experiential” Knowledge of all the dimensions of a particular thing!

In other words, one must possess all the Yang and Yin aspects, dimensions, and vibrations that pertain to a particular thing.  To begin to “KNOW” these aspects or dimensions, one begins by accepting the fact that the whole of Man is composed of four simultaneously existing  dimensions, each with its own vibration, or reality.  Only one of these entirely separate realities is physical.  This means that three of these dimensions are Esoteric, or invisible to the physical dimension.

The brain is physical, and is confined to thinking about the physical ONLY… or, the Abstract Words/Labels which we create to “point to,” or “stand for,” the elements of those dimensions we are incapable of perceiving by use of our brains and physical senses.  RECIDIVISM is an Abstract Word that “stands for” the operations of invisible dimensions “Within” Man that the brain and thinking of Man WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO COMPREHEND.

So, what exactly are those people discussing the topic of RECIDIVISM doing?  That would best be done by first admitting that they are using their brains to pretend to “think” about phenomena of which they are quite ignorant.   But to admit to TRUTH, a person must first comprehend that he or she is not adequately prepared to deal with the TRUTH of RECIDIVISM!!!

Intellectualism is engaged in by individuals who actually fear the TRUTH. They are quite unaware of this fear, of course, and this habit of “thinking” about that which one is quite ignorant is quite common.  Alas, intellectuals trust one another, and distrust those Enlightened people who KNOW things.  This has been the case as far back as history records.

What causes RECIDIVISM is the MINDs of certain people.  Unless and until a person is familiar with the operations of the MIND, that person will attempt to deal with RECIDIVISM as though it could be corrected via physical means.  This results in  a waste of money, time, and a refusing to deal with the problem of RECIDIVISM properly.  The UNKNOWN is quite [but non-consciously] frightening to those whose intellects cause them to “think” they “know” much more than they do.

Peace, Brother James



The Rarely Appreciated & Little Known Aspects of “Abstract Words”

The title of this blog is quite important, however… can the title convey that to which it is intended to refer? Sadly, I suspect it cannot, and yet… I am still compelled to try and convey that which is invisible to the brain and physical senses of Man.

The question then is this:  Why would I continue to do that which cannot be done?

And the answer is… one never knows when a person who is “READY” to awaken to some bit of Truth from Within him or herself, will “see” what I am pointing to… that my words cannot actually convey?  And if this makes sense to you, you  very well may be a person who is “ready” to “Intuitively” awaken to some new bits of Truth from Within yourself!

In the preceding paragraph, I used the terms “Within” and  “Intuitively“.  Both of these terms point to, and stand for phenomena that operate inside of Man, at levels which are invisible to the brain, hearing, sight,  or any other physical sense of Man.

In addition to the fact that three-fourths of Man consist of  invisible dimensions whose vibrations  are invisible to the brain and physical senses of Man, the phrase “bits of Truth” refers to KNOWLEDGE, which is stored inside each of us, or Within  what I refer to as the “Apapsyche” [which I define as the Operational Energy of the Soul].

My major point is that the whole of Man consists of a great deal more than what we [in the West] have been led to believe.  So, when you read the term “Soul,” do you “think” you know what that term means?  Most people do “think” they “know” what the term Soul means. But ask yourself… when is the last time you saw the Soul of a person?  How about the terms God, Truth, Unknown, Invisible, Astral Region, and so forth?  These terms are all ABSTRACT TERMS, and they exist to “stand for” those things that many believe exist, and yet, using our brains, and physical senses,  we cannot actually perceive these things. They are not tangible, nor physical.

So, can they be KNOWN or not?  The fact is, they can be KNOWN, but only by one’s faculty of Intuition, which can experience these things via Empathetic Understanding, which means by Intuitively awakening to these things as “bits of KNOWLEDGE”.  But when you Intuit something, that bit of Knowledge is just for you!

In other words, each of us [when we are Enlightened enough to do so] can Intuit a bit of Truth, which we have earned by Completing Karma over many lifetimes. Now, if you do not believe in the Law of Karma, or Reincarnation of the Soul, then what I have just written may be difficult for you to accept?

Alas, with the brain and thinking dominating much of the West, including our education, religions, and politicians… it is very difficult for people to be exposed to the Truth, or the Reality of Life.  But, hope springs eternal, and so, I keep posting my blogs.

Peace, Brother James