The structure of the Whole Human Being [WHB] is not arbitrary, capable of being altered, modified, and… although three-quarters of who and what we are is invisible to our brains, and our physical senses… we nevertheless insist that our brains MUST come with us… as we seek to find God.

What causes us to cling to the brain and thinking so tightly?  Well, what makes us do this is a non-conscious fear of the “unknown,” which is held deep “Within” our MINDs.  And, speaking of the MIND, you do realize that your MIND is not your brain, right?  Your brain is physical, and your MIND is not physical at all.

The hierarchy of thinking of the brain lies in the complete control Of the MIND. And yet, the brain is unable to perceive the energy of the MIND… even thought it, the brain, is generally controlled by the MIND.  The brain thinks, and its thinking can be an internal exercise carried out by itself, or what it thinks can be fed to the Left-Hemisphere of the brain by Delusional Thinking generated entirely “Within” a person’s MIND.  What determines when the MIND feeds Delusional Thinking, or D-Think to the Left-Hemisphere of the brain is how much threat a person’s MIND perceives in that person’s environment?

D-Think is fed to the [L-H] of the brain when a MIND perceives itself threatened in anyway?  But, wait a moment.  Did I not say the MIND is not physical, how can the MIND be threatened?  It is not itself threatened, what threatens the MIND is some word, sound, smell, or anything that can stimulate some deeply repressed trauma the MIND is holding repressed “Within” itself.  The MIND is the local administrator of the Law of Karma for an individual, and the MIND holds hidden “Within”  itself all the Karma a person has engaged in, and has not as yet completed? 

I will discuss in detail the workings of the Law of Karma in a future blog.  For now, let us be content with the fact the MIND is charged with insuring that we adhere to the Fate Karma [which simply means the stored record of Karma “Within” one’s MIND that one’s Soul has intended to work through in this lifetime].  It is the “protection” of this stored Karma from being prematurely exposed, that causes the MIND to engage D-Think to prevent one from becoming aware of some repressed bit of Karmic trauma… until it is time for that bit of Karma to be worked on  both from “Within” oneself, and outside oneself.

I refer to the mechanism “Within” the MIND that uses D-Think to divert one’s attention from some stored bit of Karma [trauma], that may be stimulated by something in one’s environment, as the “DM-=SI” [Defense Mechanism equals Subtle Insanity]. The “SI” or subtle insanity part of this process refers to the fact that when the DM=SI is engaged, a person has no idea that what he/she is thinking and saying is entirely scripted by his/her MIND.

So, when the MIND  is capable of controlling one’s thoughts and beliefs, anytime it chooses, how reasonable is it to assume that one can ‘depend’ upon one’s brain to seek anything one’s MIND does not want one to pursue?  It is ones own MIND that keeps one focused upon the world, and the things of the world. All of which serve as barriers to one’s Spiritual growth.  Our MINDs use our own Spiritual  Energy, in other words,  to keep us attached to people, places and things of life.  And all of this is done at levels we cannot “think” about.

So, to answer the question in the title, no, the brain is quite useless in our pursuit of our Spirituality.  If this is the case, then what does one use?

Peace, Brother James


What Does “WHB” Mean?

An Introduction to a process of discovery of the Whole Human Being,  as a series of blogs.

In my work over the last few decades, I have discovered that what we have been taught regarding Man… is seriously lacking as it relates to who and what we are as “Whole Human Beings”!  The reason for this is that most people are pretty much confined to use of the physical brain, and the physical brain is confined to that which is physical, tangible and measurable by science.  But… Man is more than just “physical”.  Although, three of the four  dimensions of Man are invisible to the physical dimension… and so, it is not surprising that three of the four dimensions of Man are not well known.  So, let us try and remember that three-quarters of who and what one is, are invisible to one’s brain and physical senses.

In other words… the Whole Human Being, or “WHB,” actually consists of four simultaneously existing, and yet entirely  separate energy dimensions, each with its own Reality and body or realm of operation.  So… was Shakespeare correct when he wrote that Man is but a player on a stage?  Well, it turns out that he was correct, but to phrase it in this way is much too simplistic to be useful to us.

From inside out, so to speak… there is the Spiritual Dimension [whose existence is not really part of the Creation]! And yes, this seems quite implausible. Next is the Higher MIND, which represents the Causal realm of Creation. Next is the Lower MIND, which represents the Astral realm of Creation. Finally, we have the physical dimension, which includes the brain, physical body and our physical senses.  And modern mental health insists that all we need to study is the physical dimension of Man.  This is seriously mistaken.

Of these four simultaneously existing dimensions, only one is Real, in an Absolute sense.  The only part of Man that is immortal, is the Soul.  The MIND that is attached to every Soul, was Created by God to serve the Soul,  and the Soul  is composed of what I refer to as Neutral Spiritual Energy, or NSgy for short.  NSgy is the primordial Energy of existence, or what we refer to as God. It is also the Energy of the Soul.

The Eastern Mystics tell us that in the beginning, God projected a stepped-down Energy into what is called the “Void”.  And this formed the Creation. At the center of which, so to speak, is the Physical Universe, which represents the most dense and compacted matter in the Creation.  When this was done, God then projected into the Creation we Souls.  But since some of us did not want to leave God, he “marked” we Souls so that, if we desired, we might be able to return.  This “MARKING” process is a most complex and little-known part of the Whole Human Being, which we will discuss in much greater detail as this blog moves along.

And Man is therefore composed of the physical dimension, the Astral dimension, the Causal dimension, and a Soul, which represents the Spiritual dimension.  Of the four, only the Soul is immortal, permanent, and is destined to incarnate into and out of the physical Earth plane until a Soul acquires sufficient “C’etc” [pronounced “C_etcetera”], which is my symbol for the Virtues of Life: Conscience, Discretion, Knowledge, Acceptance and Empathetic Understanding.  We might think of the Virtues as being equivalent to what the ancient Greeks called Consciousness.  And the Purpose of Life is for one’s Soul to acquire C’etc.  And how we Souls do this is a fascinating story.

This is perhaps enough of an introduction to begin with?

Peace, Brother James

What is “Esopsyche” ?

The term “Esopsyche” combines two terms to form a new concept in the broadest sense of educating the Whole Human Being.  The prefix “Eso,” comes from the term  “Esoteric,” which means invisible to the brain and physical senses.

The second term is that of “psyche,” which in Greek [at least as used as the prefix   for the term Psychology], is defined as “Self, Soul, and MIND”.  And the reader will please note that the terms Self, Soul and MIND all refer to Esoteric dimensions of Man.  In fact, they refer to invisible operations taking place “Within” the Whole Human Being.  The term “Within” indicates that these operations are invisible to the brain and physical senses, even though  these invisible operations are taking place simultaneously with  the physical dimension of Man.

Does this suggest four simultaneously existing and entirely separate dimensions are taking place “Within” each human being at the same time?  Yes, that is what I am saying.

So, one might ask:  “Is the use of the term  “Esoteric” and the term “Psyche” not somewhat redundant?  Not unlike saying unseen and invisible, perhaps?  Well, yes, in one way it is redundant. However, since so few people realize that three-quarters of the Whole Human Being [WHB], are composed of  separate dimensions, each with its own unique and separate realm of existence, and that each of these are absolutely crucial to the operation of Man, perhaps it is important to emphasize the fact that what many have been taught is a singular entity, is, in Reality, an entity composed of four simultaneously existing and entirely separate dimensions?

You see, the term “unseen” applies to three of  the vibrations or dimensions of Man, although the fourth, or physical dimension, is the only dimension one can see with one’s physical eyes.  So, the supposed singular existence of Man is at the same time composed of dimensions that are invisible and unseen, while one dimension is easily seen!  Unfortunately, in the early 1900s, America was grossly mislead by a person named B.F. Skinner, whose own MIND fed the Left-Hemisphere of his brain Delusional Thinking, which caused him to believe that he had no MIND to speak of, at least when it came to his physical actions.  From a book, B.F. Skinner: The Man and His Ideas. New York: E.P. Dutton & Co. 1968, by Richard I. Evans, we get this quote:

“A child is influenced and changed as a biological entity by things that happen to him, but the notion that somehow or other the child of our past is still contained within us is a form of animism which serves no useful purpose in explaining present behavior.”

Skinner believed this, because it is what his MIND caused him to believe.  And he, being entirely unfamiliar with his own MIND, was unaware that his MIND had the ability to cause him to deny Reality, and to believe false or Delusional Thinking.  Skinner was an Intelack type individual, and thus, he was not Enlightened enough to Know any better.

Sadly, he was an influential person, and his Delusional Thinking resonated with many Intelack type individuals at the time.  As a result of his influence, and the lack of Consciousness of many people in Psychology at the time, America and the world would suffer greatly thereafter.

More can be read for those interested from pages of my website. Here

Peace, Brother James


Greetings and salutations regarding being the recipients of the natural, albeit bizarre, actions of the Intelack class of people.

The term “Intelack” combines the word “Intellectualism,” plus the word “lack,” as in… a lack of Consciousness.  And a lack of Consciousness refers to an immature level of evolution of one’s Soul.  The phenomenon of the Intelack type personality is relatively unknown outside of those who study the Esoteric dimensions of Psychology.  That is, the nature and operations of the MIND of Man.

Put succinctly, the peculiar and often irrational thoughts and actions of the typical Liberal individual, which we can see… are involuntary expressions of that person’s MIND [due to a lack restraint (that is, Conscience)].  And Conscience is a Virtue, and a part of what the term Consciousness refers to.  What makes identifying the actions of the Liberal a mental illness is the fact that the symptoms of the Intelack can only be seen in the manifested results of the symptoms of this disease.

That is, the Intelack is quite often very intellectual, clever, even deviously so, and since the Intelack suffers a diminished Conscience [which is invisible in the actions of the person [and only visible in the results of such actions], the Intelack tends to appear as a victim. This is also how the Intelack views him/herself.  The Intelack is never guilty or wrong, and since the Intelack “believes” the Delusional Thinking that his/her MIND feeds to the Left-Hemisphere of his/her brain, the Intelack is also a most accomplished liar. Easily capable of passing a lie-detector.

In addition, lacking in Conscience, the Intelack is easily drawn to lying, cheating, and corruption, which the MIND of the Intelack always rationalizes as “caring for others,”  The typical Democrat is an Intelack, and if a person is a Marxist, or believes that big government is the answer, and that the wealthy need to have their wealth confiscated and re-distributed to the poor, that person is an Intelack.

Many attorneys are Intelack type personalities, and they are the ones who use the law as a means to further their love of evil [a natural penchant for people who lack Conscience].

So, congratulations for  being targeted by Intelack type individuals, and good luck in finding a judge who is not an Intelack.

Peace, Brother James [James W Patterson, Ph.D]


WHAT IS “RECIDIVISM,” and why is it so hard to eliminate?

Perhaps the strangest thing mankind attempts to do is to label phenomenon we observe by giving it some name… and then we forget that we don’t actually “know” what causes the symptoms of the phenomenon we see with our physical eyes!

This is basically a problem Man has distinguishing between the terms “know” and KNOW.  One can “know” something intellectually [which means “abstractly,” or theoretically], but not KNOW that something via Conscious Awareness, or “C-Awar” which is my symbol for Conscious Awareness.  And “C-Awar” refers to KNOWING the TRUTH of something?  And to KNOW the TRUTH of something is to possess full KNOWLEDGE  of something.  “Full Knowledge” of something ONLY occurs when a person possesses “experiential” Knowledge of all the dimensions of a particular thing!

In other words, one must possess all the Yang and Yin aspects, dimensions, and vibrations that pertain to a particular thing.  To begin to “KNOW” these aspects or dimensions, one begins by accepting the fact that the whole of Man is composed of four simultaneously existing  dimensions, each with its own vibration, or reality.  Only one of these entirely separate realities is physical.  This means that three of these dimensions are Esoteric, or invisible to the physical dimension.

The brain is physical, and is confined to thinking about the physical ONLY… or, the Abstract Words/Labels which we create to “point to,” or “stand for,” the elements of those dimensions we are incapable of perceiving by use of our brains and physical senses.  RECIDIVISM is an Abstract Word that “stands for” the operations of invisible dimensions “Within” Man that the brain and thinking of Man WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO COMPREHEND.

So, what exactly are those people discussing the topic of RECIDIVISM doing?  That would best be done by first admitting that they are using their brains to pretend to “think” about phenomena of which they are quite ignorant.   But to admit to TRUTH, a person must first comprehend that he or she is not adequately prepared to deal with the TRUTH of RECIDIVISM!!!

Intellectualism is engaged in by individuals who actually fear the TRUTH. They are quite unaware of this fear, of course, and this habit of “thinking” about that which one is quite ignorant is quite common.  Alas, intellectuals trust one another, and distrust those Enlightened people who KNOW things.  This has been the case as far back as history records.

What causes RECIDIVISM is the MINDs of certain people.  Unless and until a person is familiar with the operations of the MIND, that person will attempt to deal with RECIDIVISM as though it could be corrected via physical means.  This results in  a waste of money, time, and a refusing to deal with the problem of RECIDIVISM properly.  The UNKNOWN is quite [but non-consciously] frightening to those whose intellects cause them to “think” they “know” much more than they do.

Peace, Brother James


But first, as I promised… a quick synopsis of what “DM=SI” means?  “DM=SI,” or “Defense Mechanism = Subtle Insanity,” is my symbol for the primary defense mechanism of the MIND.  It [the MIND] uses the brain and Delusional Thinking as the essential means by which the MIND prevents a person from becoming aware of what the MIND holds hidden Within itself.

Briefly, the MIND feeds Delusional Thinking [or thoughts fed to the Left-Hemisphere of the brain which are intended to “lock” one’s attention into the brain and thinking] because in doing this, the MIND prevents one’s “Attention” [which I have labeled “Conscious Awareness”], or “C-Awar,”  from becoming aware or experiencing anything other than thinking, which takes place Within the physical dimension… thus, the DM=SI is the means by which ones MIND excludes the other three dimensions of oneself from C-Awar while the DM=SI is active.

For more on DM=SI, Here.

A sketch of the difference between the Intelack and the Enlightened individual.


Let me hasten to point out that the black rectangle represents MIND-level energy and is located where the brain is located ONLY to indicate that the MIND-level energy  dominates the thinking of the brain… until a Soul has acquired sufficient C’etc [Enlightenment or Consciousness] to push back against and resist the thoughts [&  desires] of the MIND.  Remember, the physical brain is physical, and is used by the MIND,  but has no other connection to the MIND.

Or put another way, one is subject to the thoughts and desires of ones MIND until ones Soul has acquired sufficient C’etc with which to resist and override the thoughts of the MIND.  And the only way for the Soul to acquire C’etc [Conscience, Discretion, Knowledge, Acceptance and Empathetic Understanding] which are my labels for the Virtues of Life… is for one to complete the Karmic Debts held Within ones MIND. And, again, this is the Purpose of Life, whether one is aware of this or not?

So, when we say that a person is Enlightened, we are saying that a person’s Soul has acquired a sufficient amount of C’etc [the Virtues of Life], to enable the Conscious Awareness of that person to resist what are most often the negative desires of the MIND.

Peace, Brother James

The Two Basic Types of People on this Earth Plane…

Blog # 2

In the first blog, I said that I would explain the Intelack type personality, which is one of the two types of people on Earth.   I will attempt to do this, and in this blog I would also like to explain the reason these blogs will include all the dimensions of the whole human being.  That is, the four simultaneously existing dimensions which make-up the Whole Human Being [or WHB]:

From inside out, these dimensions are the Spiritual Dimension, the Higher MIND Dimension, the Lower MIND Dimension, and the physical dimension.  All four of these constitute the interest, exploration and pervue of the Competent Psychotherapist [or Esochologist, if you prefer to use the label Esochologist, since the term Esochologist clearly differentiates it from the term Psychotherapist… which has been horribly misinterpreted over the last century]?  That is, to be a Competent Esochologist or proper Psychotherapist, a person must possess Experiential Knowledge regarding all four Dimensions of Man… since all four Dimensions are inextricably tied together in Man.

And most importantly, the competent Esochologist or Psychotherapist will have, via personal Psychotherapy, discovered, emotionally re-experienced and eliminated a great many deeply repressed misperceptions  taken-on at the time of birth.  This is the process that provides the experiential Knowledge of ones own MIND realm, and it is utterly indispensable to obtain the status of “competent” Esochologist or Psychotherapist.

The unfortunate result of not achieving this level of competence is that one will unintentionally exacerbate [make worse]  the deeply repressed fears held Within the MIND of each person one attempts to “treat”.

And this means a person capable of performing as an Esochologist will possess a Soul that has acquired a high level of Enlightenment [or the symbol C’etc ]. And with this brief explanation, we now have the labels of the two basic types of people on Earth:  The Intelack type person, and the Enlightened type person.

Those individuals who tend to support the following broad labels are Intelack type individuals: Democrat, Liberal, Socialist, Communist, Atheist, and the variations of these.  What makes certain people vulnerable to these philosophies, ways of government, or lifestyles is  that the Souls of such people lack sufficient C’etc [which refers to either the Virtues of Life, or Consciousness].  I often put in brackets the term ‘godless’ [godless] behind the term Intelack to indicate a lack of Spirituality in the Intelack type personality.  The entire concept that certain people [although seemingly quite normal otherwise] think and behave in ways detrimental to themselves and to mankind… simply  because they are lacking in Spiritual Evolution, is a very strange concept, no doubt. But the fact is… this is the Reality of life on Earth, at least in this Iron Age of Man!

Hence, we have the TWO TYPES of people on Earth, regardless what labels we give these people, based on their thoughts and behaviors, they nonetheless represent just TWO TYPES of people.  Those with Souls that have acquired C’etc, and Souls that have not acquired enough C’etc to be other than an Intelack type person.  In other words, the Democrat lacks C’etc, while the Republican has enough C’etc that he/she tends to favor the Republican belief that personal responsibility is not only possible, it is the only way mankind can reflect itself properly.  The  Democrat/Liberal lacks sufficient Conscience due to a lack of C’etc [which means the Energy of Spirituality], and this lack of C’etc in the Intelack means he/she is unknowingly vulnerable to his/her MIND and its ceaseless desires for the things of this Earth.

The Bible makes clear that we Souls can either focus on God, or on the things of this Earth?  This speaks to the practical point that we have one attention, and what it is focused upon is what we respond to?  Or put another way, this is our war between good and evil.  We either focus inside, upon God, or we focus outside on the world [in which case we make use of our brain and are vulnerable to our MINDs].

Quite literally, if you follow the dictates of BS&bp [modern mental health], what you do is to ignore and deny three of the four Dimensions of Man, in favor of the fourth, which is the physical Dimension ONLY.  And the last sentence takes us directly to the Intelack type personality.  The Soul of the Intelack type personality has not [as yet] completed enough Karma [the experience of life] to have acquired sufficient C’etc with which to resist the constant desires of the MIND, which are Greed, Envy, and selfishness, and hidden deep Within the Intelack personality is a MIND-level belief [which means unknown to oneself at a conscious level] that  who and what one is, at one’s Core, is a terrible monster.

This very negative self-view is, of course, held at a fully non-conscious level Within the MIND of the Intelack type individual.  But, although this intensely negative self-view is non-conscious to the Intelack, the fear of it impacts the Intelack from a “psychological’ perspective.  So, whether or not the Intelack is aware of his/her lack of C’etc [which they are not aware], their thoughts and actions are mostly motivated by a MIND that [unknown to the Intelack] dominates his/her thoughts and actions. And this last sentence speaks to the “DM=SI” of the MIND… which I will address in Blog #3.

Any person who has a diminished sense of God, or the Spirituality Within oneself, is a person whose MIND operates that persons thoughts and actions.  And I have labeled such a person an Intelack type personality.  Or a person who is vulnerable to, and quite often engaged in thoughts and behaviors that are harmful to mankind.

This is quite a lot to digest, is it not?  Quite different from what we are presently taught regarding the “psychology” of Man.

Peace, Brother James